Checking Up (Gen. Custer Cont’d.)

There was, however, one aspec.t of our time together I found to be irritating as a pesky fly that continues to buzz around, no matter how many times it is swatted away.  A woman who Brandt identified as his sister kept interrupting us with phone calls asking if he were done yet.  Initially, he looked sheepish and apologized for the interruptions.  After about the third call, I suggested he tell her he would call her back after our date was over.   He agreed to do so, but the calls continued.  I asked if perhaps she was giving him an excuse to get out of our date or if she were an irate girlfriend.  He looked nonplussed.  “Of course not!  What gave you that idea?  I would love to see you again!”  He replied.  He then received another call.  With that, I suggested we end our meeting.  He countered with an invitation to have “one more for the road.”  I  reluctantly agreed but strongly advised him to let his sister know that she need not continue to check on him; he was safe with me. 


The Wives of Henry the Eighth?

It appeared that Brandt’s sister finally got the message for the time being.  Conversation about past relationships came to the fore.  We were comparing notes about our past marriages when I asked Brandt about his former wife.  He began to chuckle.  “You mean wives… I’ve had five.”  My jaw dropped.  I was speechless.  Between the wives and the multiple phone interruptions, I decided that this was, indeed, Brandt’s last stand.  I quickly finished my “one for the road,” excused myself, and departed. 


I quite liked Brandt, even found him to be charming and inspiring.  However, I felt he showed little consideration toward our date when it came to quelling his “sister’s” calls.  The interruptions made it difficult for me to concentrate, and therefore, resonate with what we were discussing.  He seemed a bit self-absorbed and would only “come out and play” when we turned to a topic that was very much his passion, but not entirely mine.  I was practically gobsmacked when he admitted to having had five wives.  

In conclusion, I would have told Brandt after a second phone call from his “sister” that he needed to tell her he would call her back after the date had concluded  or turn off his phone.  Otherwise, I should have ended the date sooner.   I would have insisted on sharing more of myself with Brandt, and not been so tentative about it.  It was nice to hear and learn about his love for studio art, but I think it is important that both parties share their interests with one another.  It was a little lopsided that way.  As for learning of his five marriages, I regret staying and asking him why he was married so many times, and what he had learned.…




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