Night of the Raging Bull

Dane’s profile seemed like a good fit.  His picture showed a smile warm and bright.  I received the impression of a kind and gentle person with many similar life interests.   He was also a retired professional, and his profile stated that family was a priority much like mine.  We agreed to meet at my favorite restaurant over dinner.  I arrived first, looking forward to a friendly and warm first meeting where the outcome might be a second date and perhaps the beginning of a forever relationship.  I was psyched. 

Dane was late.  When he finally arrived, he responded to my greeting in a taut manner and mumbled something incoherent.  He was wound like a top.  When I asked him what the matter was, he only shrugged.  During the meal, he shared some personal history.  He became progressively agitated as he told his story.  I thought to change the topic to ease his tension.  Mistakenly I turned to the day’s current events.  I do not remember exactly what was said to have released such rancor.  I only know that his face turned the color of a red beet.  His breath was hot on my face, as he spewed venom, closing in on me from across the table.  He was ready to “huff and puff and blow my house down.”  Those around us turned to stare.  Dane rose suddenly and informed me he was leaving.  There was a round of applause from the surrounding tables as he made his angry exit.  I was absolutely gob smacked.  Never had I ever experienced such rudeness or unexplained anger.  Dane could have been the “raging bull” himself.

Thoughts on How to Silence a Raging Bull

I haven’t the slightest idea what may have caused his extreme anger.  He certainly wasn’t forthcoming.  Neither do I want to know.  Shaken and angry, I blocked him from any source of online communication.  How dare such an arrogant prig behave like that!  I was also very annoyed with myself for having persevered with such abusive behavior.  I should have been the one to dismiss myself from that revolting scene.  Visions of tying him to railroad tracks came to mind.  Maybe shooting him out of a canon?  Of course, that was all nonsense.  I had no wish to do harm.  As I began to process this experience, I came to understand that the best I could have done was to either have walked away, if he hadn’t, or somehow tried to diffuse the situation.  Who knows?   I just know I won’t be holding up any red capes as I am not a matador.  Thus, the search for my forever person continues.




3 responses to “Night of the Raging Bull”

  1. Jeannie Avatar

    Loved the story. Great writing.
    That was awful what he did.
    Can’t wait to read more

  2. Catherine Armstrong Avatar
    Catherine Armstrong

    Cindy! Great job! Love the humor and your vulnerability! You are a great writer. Thanks for sharing this with me.

    Glad you listened to your gut!

  3. Bobbi Avatar

    I loved this story with the exception of course of the blatant rudeness .oh well I guess you have to navigate through the marsh of toads to meet the prince!I admire your tenacity to trudge forward!

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