“Je ne sais quoi?”

Tyler was “number three.”  He lived and worked in a nearby state but had been raised in the town in which I reside.  We decided he would take a place for a weekend and come to visit.  He was excited to show me around.   I was very much looking forward to meeting him.

I met him at his hotel parking lot.  Upon first seeing him, I was surprised to find a much heavier in person version than the man in his profile picture.  Hmm…  He was not physically attractive to me; however, I would make the best of the situation.  Perhaps he had a certain “je ne sais quoi?”  As soon as I seated myself in his car and we took off, a hand planted itself on my thigh.  It snaked its way upward.  I grasped it by the thumb and dropped it in his lap.  That maneuver was not appreciated.  A surprised and hurt expression crossed his face.  We were practically complete strangers.  What was he thinking?

As we made our way walking around town, he tried to place his arm around me.  I stepped out of his reach.  I was trying to make the best of our outing and had no such feeling as a potential girlfriend.  We found a quaint looking little restaurant in which to have dinner.  While we waited for a table, we sat at the bar and had cocktails.  The rock music was loud and reverberated throughout.  Conversation was close to impossible.  He grabbed my knee and squeezed until it hurt.  “Ow!  What did you do that for?”  I cried.  “You know, you could be fun if you just let go.”  He answered.  I was stunned.  What did he mean by that? 

We cut the evening short per my request (as well as the weekend).  As he was dropping me off, he bent over for a good night kiss.  Thinking it would only be a peck, I obliged.  He tried to take more than I was willing to give.  Pushing him away with all my might, I exclaimed, “You have got to be kidding!”  He only laughed.  I quickly exited his car, found mine, and drove like a bat out of hell. 

What About the “Je ne sais quoi?????”

Tyler and I were practically strangers, yet he took it upon himself to become physically familiar.  He assumed a lot, since I am not in the “online dating pool” for an “early frisk” and “one night stand.”  It appeared he had no respect for my emotional or physical boundaries, nor perhaps for anyone else’s.  I did not find him physically attractive. He also was missing the charm factor. Definitely no “Je ne sais quoi.” there.  Character and personality are the chief elements for attracting me.  Doesn’t hurt if the opposite sex is easy on the eye.  Tyler had none of these qualities.  So, I will write him off as another disappointment.   However, I was still not discouraged.  I had been informed by many of the adage “One must kiss many frogs before finding one’s Prince Charming.”  According to The Mirror, an online magazine, author Grant Bailey, stated in his article Revealed:  How many ‘frogs’ you have to kiss before finding your prince – or princess? (April 12, 2018), that “the average woman will kiss 22 frogs before finding her prince.”  So be it.




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