And Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson…

I have always preferred dating men close to my age.  Much younger men were never a consideration.  It always felt like “robbing the cradle.”  However, Declan became the exception.  He reached out to me, and I responded by reminding him that there was a bit of an age difference between the two of us.  He replied, “I’ll forgive your youth and beauty.”  Now I am one who cannot resist a quick wit, and flattery will get you everywhere.  Smiling to myself, I agreed to meet for Happy Hour at my favorite watering hole.

Declan walked into the lounge tall, bearded, and good looking.  I must admit that my heart skipped a beat.  He looked older than his profile pictures.  The pictures had not done him justice.  Though I normally do not prefer facial hair, his beard lent a kind of rugged sophistication to his demeanor.

He sat opposite me in the booth and put out his hand, introducing himself.  I giggled like a silly schoolgirl, feeling a blush suffusing my face.  What was the matter with me?  Get a hold of yourself, girl! I silently rebuked myself. 

He noticed I was drinking a glass of Prosecco and ordered a bottle for us to share.  I do not recall how many glasses or bottles of Prosecco that we consumed.  We were so engrossed in flirting and sharing humorous stories.  Any further thoughts of having a regular meal or keeping tabs on one’s alcohol consumption were not considered.  It truly was an enjoyable evening and harkened back to college days.  He had a wonderfully quick and sharp wit and I laughed until I almost cried.  We spoke and joked of many things.

We were the last to leave the restaurant.  Declan walked me to my car.  Once I was seated, he bent down and kissed me.  Finding it quite enjoyable, I pulled him forward almost onto my lap returning the smooch.  After a minute or two of this exchange, I suddenly realized where this would go if I didn’t push him away.  We said our good nights and I drove home.

I awakened the next morning feeling under the weather.  I had had too much of a good time the night before.  Looking at my cell phone, I noticed that Declan had texted me.  He, too, was feeling unwell.  He also informed me that we had made another date.  I vaguely remembered doing so but knew in my heart that it wouldn’t happen.  I had allowed myself to let down my wall and become lighthearted and carefree.  It had been a long time since I had felt so girlishly frivolous.  I realized that, if I continued along this path with Declan, I would be untrue to myself. 

I was looking for a forever person.  Declan was looking for someone with whom to share a good time.  We were not exactly traveling down the same roads.  He was also a lot younger.  So, “Mrs. Robinson” ended her short, lovely time with “Benjamin Braddock.”  This time “Mrs. Robinson” ended the “affair” between herself and the “graduate.”




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