The Sound of Music

I was greeted by a warm baritone as I answered the phone.  It was my first vocal contact with Chandler, and I was pleasantly surprised by such a mellifluous sound.  His voice appeared to match the image of his online profile pictures–powerful and self-confident.   I found our conversation lively and enjoyable.  Among several things we had in common, was a passion for music.  He mentioned that he had been choir director of a large church prior to his retirement.  I remarked that I had always loved church music, and though I appreciated the contemporary sound of today’s worship music, I missed the more traditional hymns of childhood.  Chandler immediately broke into song performing a medley of old hymns complete with piano accompaniment and operatic vocals.  He caught me totally off guard.   I quickly recovered, and made certain that he heard my applause over the phone.  I was impressed by the power and richness of his beautiful singing voice.  He obviously had been classically trained.  “That was amazing!  How did you manage to get to the piano so quickly?”  I asked.  “I was already seated when I called.  I don’t normally serenade prospective dates.”  He answered.  “Let’s meet.”  I said.  “With pleasure,” He answered.  By the way, do you like waterfalls?”  





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