Mighty Mouse Does Not Save the Day (Cont’d.)

I noted that Chandler was thirty minutes late to our meeting, as I once again checked the time.  Several unsuccessful attempts had been made to contact him to no avail.  My calls went to voicemail.   I was both annoyed and very concerned.  What if something had happened to him?  As I finally rose to leave the restaurant, I heard a familiar operatic voice bellow, “Here I come to save the day!!!”  He stood behind me looking rather pleased with himself over his raucous entrance.  I was not amused, but was so relieved that he seemed okay, I forgot to be embarrassed. Meanwhile, people around us were staring, looking both irritated and amused.  I quickly motioned for him to take a seat.  “Okay, Mighty Mouse, what happened to you?” I asked in annoyance.  “I grew up watching that cartoon too.”  I added.  He responded with a sheepish look.

Chandler slid into the seat across from me, and gave me a mischievous smile.  I began to feel slightly uncomfortable.  What was next?  I asked him the reason for being so late, and remarked that I had called him several times and was about to leave.  He shrugged and mumbled something about traffic.  His glance shifted downward, away from mine.  Without further ado, he moved on to his next topic of conversation as though his unpunctuality had been nothing.  There was no apology or genuine explanation given.  I felt my face growing hot with indignation.  Before I could say anything further, the  server came to take our lunch orders. 

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

An uncomfortable silence ensued while we ate.  It was finally broken by Chandler mentioning that he loved waterfalls and had visited many.  He brought out his phone to show me photos he had taken.  They were magnificent, especially Niagara Falls and Angel Falls.  While I was perusing these images, Chandler began to hum Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls, a music number recorded by a group called TLC in the 90s.  Then he began to softly sing the words to the song.  I looked up at him and smiled.  He began to sing louder.  I pursed my lips and gave him a look of warning.  He continued to amp up his performance.  I could feel my face growing red from embarrassment.  It was uncomfortable being at center stage under these circumstances.  I motioned with my hands for him to tone it down.  “I will leave if you don’t stop!

The manager of the venue came to our table.  “What is going on here?”  He demanded.  If you don’t tone it down, you will have to leave.  You are annoying the other customers.”  He continued.  I apologized profusely.  Chandler looked unabashed.  I knew then that this was my cue to end the date.  As I rose to leave, I turned to him and said, “Why are you being so obnoxious?”  He shrugged and replied, “I was just having some fun with you.”  An apology was the last thing I was going to get from this clown.   Disgusted, I turned and walked away.  I refused to go chasing waterfalls, especially with him.




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